May 10, 2021 Pastor Jonathan

"Praying and Praising God"

Photo by J. Lamb of the flowers at Bridgewater Town Hall

Paul writes to the Colossians when he first heard of these believers; he started to pray for them. Paul models for us the life of intercessory prayer. We should continually pray for one another when we think of one another when we have our devotional times when we can lift up all those who come to our minds in our prayers.

 I know for myself the list to pray for feels daunting, so one way I have learned to pray has involved having specific days to lift up individuals. For example, on Sundays, I specifically pray for Pastors I know well to listen to the Holy Spirit to guide them in leading worship, and on Mondays, I pray for my immediate family. If you are not in the practice of prayer for others, I would like to encourage you to consider this framework to help you pray for your family, friends, and neighbors.

Another helpful prayer is known as the "flash" or "arrow" prayer. Have you ever had someone cross your mind you had not thought of in some time? Perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling you to pray specifically for them at this moment. You can say aloud or in your mind, "Lord, help this person. In Jesus Name. Amen." These short prayers do make a difference.

Paul also encourages us to give praise to God. He gives thanks for the work of believers he has never met. We can also do the same as we give thanks for all God has done for us in our lives. God continues to bring renewal to our lives as God brings forth the flowers in the spring.

Holy God, you are awesome and wonderful. Help us to learn how we can pray more for others. We praise you, One God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Song of Praise:  All Creatures of Our God and King 

Sung by Sovereign Grace Music


Scripture Lesson: Colossians 1:9 -14