September 13, 2021 Pastor Jonathan

The Lord is our Rock

The Lord is our Rock

Rocks and Pebble Pillars along the trail at Wolf Gap. Photo by J. Lamb.

This summer, I have shared with you a few devotions from the Psalm; this will be the final meditation focusing on a Psalm for the immediate future. Back in February, I had the privilege to hike at Wolf Gap near Wardensville, WV. Along the way, I found pillars of rocks. It's a tradition of some hikers and outdoor adventurers to stack a rock on top of another. I have seen these pillars in some of the most remote places. Eventually, it will form a tall pillar that will become unstable and topples over, becoming a natural game of Jenga. I may have accidentally knocked over one of these pillars one time, my bad.

The photo attached is of the scattered rocks and pillars I found along the Wolf Gap trails. This scene made me think of Psalm 146: "Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save" (New International Version). The plans of our leaders and all people are like the scattered rocks in this picture. Our world is covered by ruins of civilizations that had beautiful cities. Let us not place our hope in our plans but the plans of the Lord.

The past months have been especially difficult for the people of Haiti and everyone affected by Hurricane Ida. Many people who had homes have found themselves struggling to find the needs to survive. I wanted to share with you The United Methodist Church has a great ministry known as The United Methodist Committee of Relief. They are known for their faithful work during natural disasters. You can give to UMCOR to help care for the needs of people affected by disasters in Haiti and from Hurricane Ida.  May we remember the Lord is our rock as He will also be with us during the good times and challenging times.

Let us pray.

Gracious God, you are the rock we place our trust in. Remind us not to place our hope in our plans to trust you. Help us store our treasure in heaven by help others so your love will be known throughout the earth. We pray this in Jesus' Name. Amen.


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