A Note from Scott Ridder, Our Council Chair

October 31, 2022

Dear Members and Friends:

Sunday, November 20, is our congregation’s Thanksgiving & Consecration Sunday. I urge you to plan now to attend the two important events: Sunday morning worship (one service at 10 AM) and the Celebration Luncheon immediately following worship that same day (a catered meal, not a potluck dinner).

This spiritual-growth-oriented process is designed to enrich our Biblical understanding of Christian stewardship. Rather than focusing on the need of the church to receive, the experience concentrates on the need of the giver to give for his or her own spiritual development.

We believe that you are concerned enough to attend on Consecration Sunday and make your financial commitment as an act of worship in the church sanctuary.

No one will call on you at your home for a pledge. But we will contact you personally to secure your commitment to attend morning worship on Consecration Sunday and the Celebration Luncheon immediately after worship on November 20.


 Scott Ridder, Church Council Chair

The meal will be catered. You don't need to bring a dish, just bring you & your family to worship & to the lunch. We hope to see you there!

Please make a reservation now for you and your family. Thank you!