About Us

Worship and Sunday School hours

We are currently holding two traditional worship services each Sunday at 8:30 and 11 a.m.View COVID-19 in-person worship guidelines.

Vision and Mission

We are a community of caring Christians committed to growth in Christ by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. We offer vital worship to God in which the Word of God is proclaimed and the Sacraments celebrated. We witness to our faith by inviting other to the adventure of Christian discipleship, challenging them to awareness, ownership, and sharing of their spiritual gifts and graces. We equip disciples to use their gifts for the daily work of compassionate ministry to fellow disciples, the local community and the world.


Methodists do not think they are part of the only or best church; we believe that all Christians are part of one family of God.

Our basic tenets are shared by most Christians: one God, revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ is the Son of God, both human and divine; the Bible contains all things necessary for salvation. We believe that becoming a Christian is not a matter of simply going through a ceremony or believing a certain set of doctrines; rather we enter a relationship through faith with God in Christ, and then open ourselves for a lifelong process of growth in that relationship. One may compare it to marriage: what makes us married is not a wedding (although that’s important) or saying we are in love, but a life-long growing commitment to one another, grateful for the gift of love the other person entrusts to us.

We practice baptism in three modes: sprinkling, pouring, and total immersion, leaving it to the person to decide which he or she wishes, and we baptize both children and adults. We accept the baptism of other Christian churches and practice open communion: you need not be a United Methodist to receive eucharist with us.

We believe in “the trained mind and the warmed heart”: that is, education is important, but with it must go a personal commitment to God. An uneducated commitment can become bigotry and fanaticism; an uncommitted education can breed immoral monsters. United Methodism has founded over a hundred colleges and universities, has campus ministries at almost every major institution of higher education in the nation, and elementary and secondary schools on Native American reservations, in Appalachia, and in mission stations abroad. We have missionaries on every continent and have created one of the largest Protestant networks of hospitals, childrens’ homes, and retirement homes in the world.

We call persons to practice responsible stewardship: of their citizenship by participating in democratic processes; of their world through ecological awareness and action; of their relationships through commitment and caring; of their minds and bodies.

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