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E-Blast Friday, September 29, 2023

World Communion Sunday!

Sincere thanks for all the positive comments about our three week "Revival: Faith as John Wesley Lived It" sermon series!  There is much more to be told about his life and ministry - fun and meaningful stories.  We will "put a pin in it" for now and may "double back" after the first of the year!  


Sunday's next stop is World Communion Sunday! 


World Communion Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays.  The intentional thought of the celebration of communion starting at the International dateline in the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Samoa and ending at the end of the day somewhere in New Zealand has always fascinated me.  Psalm 113:3 says: "From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised."


On Sunday, our theme is "Being a Guest in the World."  Jesus is the host at the communion table, and he was often a guest in people's homes and lives.  What if the church, instead of seeing ourselves as the host, took on the posture of a guest to the world's people?  


Our scripture focus is: Philippians 2:1-13 and Matthew 21:23-32.  It can be found here:


Join us this Sunday in person or online!  You can access our live stream from the website (  Click on "Sermons" and then "Live Steam."  Here is the link:  You may also join us directly on YouTube at and click on the LIVE tab.


Come be found by the ONE who seeks you,  


Pastor Mary


Worship Volunteers!  Thank you for Serving!


Sunday's Worship Volunteers


8:30 AM - BJ Jenkins & Bettye Newman

11 AM –  Sandra Stroud & Kathi Hemmis



8:30 AM  - Bill & Sara Walton

11 AM –  Dennis Rawley & Sam Wright



8:30 AM – Johna McFarland

11 AM - Christy Kipps


Audio Visual

8-30 AM  - Marc Craun

11 AM – Scott Ridder



8:30 AM  – Madelyn & Nolan

11 AM – David Kipps


Bus Ministry

8:30 Am –  Chuck Kern

11 AM - Chuck Kern

Worship Volunteers - Oct 8


8:30 AM - Paul & Johna McFarland


11AM - Jim & Judy Tongue


8:30 AM - Ed Craun & Marc Craun

11 AM –  Taylor Family



8:30 AM –  Ed Craun

11 AM - Jim & Judy Tongue


Audio Visual

8:30 AM  - Marc Craun

11 AM – Scott Ridder



8:30 AM - Madelyn & Nolan

11 AM - Taylor Family


Bus Ministry

8:30 AM -  Fontaine Canada

11 AM - Dwight Campbell


New Life for Your Upper Room

The Memory Wing at BellAire at Stoneport would like your gently used devotional materials (Upper Room or others) for the residents to use.  Please put any booklets you'd like to donate in the tub on the bottom shelf, under the quilts.  Thank you!

United Women in Faith News

The October  meeting will be a joint meeting of all the Circles on October 16 at 6:30. We will enjoy a Pot Luck Salad meal. All women of the church are invited to attend.  Delores Reid will be our speaker, sharing information about the Medical Supply Closet serving the Harrisonburg/Rockingham area and housed at Lacey Springs UMC. For more information call Becky Downey at 540-383-2664.

DUM BUM Youth News

Good morning, DUMBUMs! We have a major fundraiser coming up so read below for more info! 



If you haven't yet, follow us on Insta @dumbumyouth! 



Friday, October 6: Making Soup for Dayton Days!!- We will be meeting at DUMC's kitchen at 5pm to use soup donations (read below for more info on that!) and make our famous veggie soup! Dinner is provided so SIGN UP HERE!! 

 Saturday, October 7: Selling Soup at Dayton Days!!- All hands on deck!! I know this is TA's Hoco BUT we have early shifts as well, so that you will have plenty of time to get your hair and makeup done before the dance! Shifts start at 6:30am and run for 1.5-2 hours! Please Please please mark your calendars to help, even just for a little bit! SIGN UP HERE FOR SHIFTS!! 



We are taking soup donations! If you would like to make a pot of vegetable soup, donate cans of veggies, or even raw veggies, WE WILL TAKE THEM! There will be a box for canned donations in the narthex at DUMC and in the breezeway at BUMC. Soup donations and fresh veggies can be dropped off at BUMC on Tuesday, October 3, Thursday, October 5, or at DUMC on Friday, October 6! Text me if you plan on dropping off soup or veggies during any of those times!! For those that are making soup to donate, PLEASE NO MEAT!! Our soup needs to be vegetarian, but beef/chicken broth is fine- just no actual chunks of meat in the soup! 


And as always, what's coming up! 


10/6/23: Making Soup for Dayton Days SIGN UP HERE! 

10/7/23: Dayton Days!! SIGN UP HERE!! 

10/14/23: Dayton Days Rain Date

10/26/23: Empty Bowls @ 6pm @ BRCC 

11/??/23: Loads of Love

11/11/23: Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

12/8-9/23: Christmas Lock-In!




Happy Birthday!!  Sept 29-Oct 6


Bradley Ridder  (29)

Tammy Balser  ((29)

Don Craun   (1)

Brian  Hulvey   (2)

Chelsea McCammon Croushorn  (2)

Doug Sharpe  (2)

Krista Kane  (3)

Jerry Snyder  (3)

Parker Gilkeson  (4)

Mittzie Puffenberger  (6)

Dan Breeden  (6)

Sara Rieman  (6)


Happy Anniversary to:

Greg & Barbara Kiracofe  (5)

Socks and Underwear for the Children's Clothes Closet

The number of families who are now visiting the Children's Clothes Closet at Mission Central is now over 950 total.  Because of this we are finding that clothing and socks and underwear are going quickly. (They are allowed to get 2 pairs of underwear and socks at a visit.) 


With "Back to School" sales currently going on at many of the stores, many with packages of socksa nd underwear on sale as well as packs that contain bonus pairs, I felt that this was a good time to highlight this need. 


They are in need of both boys and girls sizes 4 to 14/16 (girls) and 4 to 18/20 boys for the underwear all sizes of socks.  They said the boys particularly like the higher socks.  Please place these items in the marked pink bin that is located in the hallway (under the quilts). 


Thank you for your support of this vital ministry!  if you prefer to make a donation instead, please make your checks payable to the Children's Clothing Closet with socks and underwear in the memo and we will do the shopping.  Questions?? Contact Dawn Kern at 540-246-9478 or .

It's Operation Christmas Child Collection Time!!!

We will be collecting items for the next 8 weeks and will have our packing party on November 11.  This is a great project for our church, and these boxes make lots of children very happy!

We will need the following items:

600 pencils                                      100 small games

400 black ink pens                          100 small balls

100 boxes of crayons                      100 girl “wow” gifts*

100 wash cloths                              100 boy “wow” gifts*

200 matchbox cars                         100 small coloring books

100 small note pads                        50 girl hair items

100 bars of soap                             100 pencil sharpeners

100 soap holders                            100 combs

100 toothbrushes                            1000 adhesive bandages

100 toothbrush holders                   100 glue sticks

100 jump ropes                               Packs of stickers

*”wow” gifts could include small stuffed animals, dolls, musical instruments, interactive toy, puppets, hats, jewelry, markers, books, craft items, etc.

~Johna McFarland

Dear BUMC Friends, 

I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your continuing prayers, cards, texts, calls, and all other expressions of love and concern during my long ordeal with shingles on the cornea of my eye.  My vision is much improved and the pain is manageable.  Thanks be to God!

~Ramona Evans

Breakfast Buffett


Sunday, October 22, 9:30-11AM

Fellowship Hall



Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Casseroles, Pastries, Fruit

Coffee and Juice


Sponsored by Faith Bible Class - Donations will go to paving the BUMC parking lot.

 The SPRC invites you to join us for doughnut holes, juice and coffee in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, October 8th following the 8:30 AM service and before the start of Sunday School as we share our appreciation to Pastor Mary for all that she does for our BUMC family. You are invited to bring her a card so you can share your best wishes - we will have a basket available.  If you are unable to attend the coffee time, please drop off your cards in the church office. Thank you! - Dawn Kern, SPRC Chair

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